Tuesday, June 25, 2002

WHAT TO MAKE OF the newest poll that says 33% believe we are losing the War on Terror and half think it's a stalemate? Simple: pessimism and constant warnings of an inevitable attack from everyone in the media or with media access. This one ain't that complicated. Mentally, the American public is on edge, as Andrew Sullivan keenly notes.

This strange strategy of ass-covering by warning of inevitable attacks is having the same Pygmalion Effect that Bush's dire warning of a recession before he entered office had: namely a economic slump we haven't shaken. Of course, I have no evidence, but the Prez sets the tone and uncertainty is business enemy #1.

Bush can look to Clinton for some proof. Say what you will about the Rogue, he was mostly hopeful and optimistic and this optimism in some measure had to help the economy by easing investor's worries over uncertainty in all its shapes and forms.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

THE WAR WITH ISLAMO-FASCISTS continues to trouble. There is a growing chorus of politicians, buearucrats, high-ranking civilians, business leaders and pundits that say another terror attack -- perhaps, even, a dirty bomb detonation-- is inevitable. I'm with VD Hanson -- that's stinkin' thinkin'.

The government is playing prevent defense and covering their backsides. As football fans know, the prevent defense only prevents you from winning. It's passive and gives the iniative to the enemy, who then gains confidence. War is not fought this way: Patton always said, advance, always advance.

Everyone is spelling disaster in order to...what? I'm not sure: seem prescient; brace the national mood for another jolt; indulge in fear?

The cure is simple the implementation not: Common sense and a rejection of Political Correctness. We need to speak the truth of the Wahhabis brand of Islam; we need racial profiling; we need to stop granting Visas to students and nationals from enemy nations; we need to uphold the law to protect our borders; we need to kick out non-citizens who's stays have expired.